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  • Tantalum niobium alloys

    Tantalum and niobium are usually considered together as they possess a community of physical...
  • Targets

    Target for magnetron sputtering is a product without which it is impossible to execute...
  • Precious metals

    Precious or noble metals are the metals the distiguishing characteristic of which is the unique...
  • We buy

    A long-term effective cooperation with suppliers from CIS countries and Eastern Europe...

Our partners and clients

Company Concust GmbH is working with many of the largest producers in the CIS and Europe. Detailed information about our partners is available only to clients of the company.

Concust GmbH & Co KG was created and registered as a legal entity in 2008 in Germany. Concust GmbH & Co KG is the professional, promptly developing universal company, which gives the chance to the clients to work in different ways with color (including precious) metals and products from metals in Germany and outside its limits.

We offer a full range of services and a wide range of metals and the steel constructions, used in very different industries: electrotechnical, automobile, glass, medical, jeweler, etc. Read more...

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    We are always ready to promptly respond to any suggestions our customers.
  • Production

    The quality of our products meets the highest requirements.
  • Information

    Providing the most current and accurate information about our products.
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    Tel.: +49 (0) 911 98035563
    Fax.: +49 (0) 911 98032001