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Custos Vermögensverwaltung GmbH
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Responsibily for the website content
According to § 7 of Law of electronic media mass Concust GmbH & Co firm. KG is resresponsible
for its own Internet website according to the main legislation.
Concust GmbH & Co firm. KG is not responsible and doesn't adopt a guarantee for activity,
truthfulness and correctness, and also for the rights for protection of brainwork results and for
protection of copyright, the information exposed on this page. Responsibility for the material damage
of any kind caused at use or non-use of exposed information, is excluded.
The exception is made by the officially confirmed wrong actions or rough negligence from Concust
GmbH & Co firm. KG
Concust GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to change, add or remove the texts or completely all
pages which can be carried out without prior confirmation.
Information security
Concust GmbH & Co Firm. KG constantly takes care for the website against viruses, however it
can't guarantee their total absence and recommends to the visitors of the website to ensure their anti-
virus protection. In case of collecting personal information on our website, the publication of this
information is only willfully. All personal data which can be necessary, will remain and be used
by Concust GmbH & Co firm. KG for the purpose of implementation of the contract, and also for
observation its own commercial interests as, for example, for consulting and servicing our customers,
and also for products and designing development.
Responsibility for links
We are not responsible for external links to other websites. We check these resources on possible
offenses at initial creation of the link. At the moment of checking the violations have been not
revealed. However we can't exercise a permanent control of contents with references to the Internet
sites, given on our website, without the real confirmations of an offense.
Concust GmbH & Co firm. KG completely declines all responsibility for the external links ("links")
which are on our website, and also for their content. If Concust GmbH & Co firm. KG becomes
known of illegal maintenance of other sources, it will immediately remove the corresponding links
from the website. For illegal, false or incomplete information of websites, and also for damage, caused
during the use or non-use the information of the other source responsibility is born by the person or the
organization which has created the relevant sources, but not Concust GmbH & Co. KG
All rights for trademark protection, copyright, and also the other rules of law directed to protect the
results of brainwork, extending to the information published by Concust GmbH & Co firm. KG, have
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or its components, and the website texts can't be copied, changed, made available for the others
orothers in any other way without preliminary written permission from Concust GmbH & Co firm. KG
Legal Validity
An absolutely discharge is a component of an Internet website of Concust GmbH & Co. KG.
If separate paragraphs of this text or single formulations partially or completely do not correspond the
current legal statuses, other provisions remain untouched according to the contents and effectiveness.
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