Concust GmbH & Co KG invites to work the competent and initiative experts. We create a team of professionals devoted to corporate interests and we constantly take care of their motivation and better skill level. We are interested in involvement of responsible, initiative and purposeful people who will become a part of our team and make the contribution to develop our company.

Private policy

One of the priorities of «Concust GmbH & Co KG» is a creation of the Company where lots of people wish to work. We are faced with great serious problems and only a united professional team can cope with them. We form a corporate culture which at creating the constructive relations in the collective, cultivates loyalty of employees to the company itself.

Company «Concust GmbH & Co KG» is:

    • great opportunities for professional development;
    • respectable salary;
    • professional development programs;
    • motivation of an initiative and contribution to introduct the innovations;
    • regular trainings for all staff;
    • career growth.


Employment strategy

Staff recruitment of the company is realized according to the principles of complexity, efficiency and quality.

1. Complexity means the following: at prefering the competitor the specifics of department is considered. The decision to employ the candidate is made on the basis of the complex conclusion of experts of various directions and levels. And as a result it increases the quality of the accepted staff.

2. The efficiency means the effective organization of recruitment system (short time for searching and choosing the candidate).

3. Quality is a professionalism of the employee, their aiming for the result, corporate participation and priority of business interests.

For competitors

If you want to work in modern dynamically developing business, and you are self-assured — we are looking forward to you! Even if there is no suitable job opporrunity for you at the moment, leave your CV, and it will be surely considered and placed in applicants base for work in our company. Working conditions are discussed with candidates who has successfully passed an individual interview. On our website you can always study the general list of open job opportunities.

We are interested in involvement the experts possessing the following qualities:

    • ability to work in team;
    • high professionalism;
    • initiative;
    • self-discipline;
    • responsibility;
    • respect for the colleagues, partners and clients;
    • wish to self-improvement and development.