Concust GmbH & Co KG was created and registered as a legal entity in 2008 in Germany. Concust GmbH & Co KG is the professional, promptly developing universal company, which gives the chance to the clients to work in different ways with color (including precious) metals and products from metals in Germany and outside its limits.


We offer a full range of services and a wide range of metals and the steel constructions, used in very different industries: electrotechnical, automobile, glass, medical, jeweler, etc.


The company cooperates absolutely with all categories of contractors/clients — from individual entity, small and average commercial objects to large corcorporations. Regardless the category of the client we pay an individual attention to everyone.


The market of metals is one of the most liquid markets in the world, however it is speculative in many ways. The quotations are constantly changed at this market and it has a considerable impact on production cost. Specialists of Concust GmbH & Co KKG are always aware of the current events and the changes happening in the "metal" markets and offer the clients only the most favorable ways of carrying out the financial transactions.


In order to conform all necessary requirements, our managers regularly increase their qualification, being trained in the specialized centers, participating in seminars and at conferences. Therefore, having addressed to Concust GmbH & Co KG, you may always forsee the professional help to any questions connected with the market of metals. With pleasure we will place orders of the contractors for products manufacturing, having considered the available processing equipment and capacities.


Our offer

The Priority of our activity is the providing of modern services and delivery of hi-tech products. At present Concust GmbH & Co KG supplies with the following types of services:

  • Search of the supplier;

  • Sale / purchase black, color (including precious) metals and products, carrying out all necessary coordination;

  • Contract definition, following all legal procedures;

  • Professional help in getting up the insurance;

  • Production Delivery;

  • Services in an assessment of production wastes and alloys to the percentage of precious metals in them by a method of spectral analysis.



Our advantages

  • Highly skilled professional team;

  • Individual approach to every client;

  • Complex system of service;

  • Professional partnership with leading participants of the markets of ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals;

  • Wide stock-list of finished products;

  • Quick delivery of the order to destination;

  • High quality of delivered production which is surely confirmed with all necessary certificates from producer.



Concust GmbH & Co KG surely looks forward. We cooperate actively with many plants in Europe and Asia, master new technologies and have already entered all markets of Europe. Among our regular customers there are such industrial giants, as Bosch, Siemens, Ulba and many others. The portfolio of our orders grows constantly. It gives the chance to the company to increase regularly the range of the imported/exported production and to expand actively the geography of our sales.